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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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still an active crime scene, those the bart station is still fully open. they are still looking for as many as seven other who is may be involved in the shooting. >> noise is kind of a shotgun. we see people running and crying kind of. >> bart police say at about 12:20 this afternoon several people started shooting at each other in the bus stop area at the bay fair bart station. >> what happened was there were two groups that met at the bart station. it appears that there was some words exchanged. both groups began to fire at each other, and one person was struck and pronounced dead by paramedics. >> police say they believe the victim, an african-american man in his 40s was an innocent bystander. a woman was also injured, grazed by a bullet. police say she was treated and released from the hospital and
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is cooperating in the investigation. >> it's a pretty widespread crime scene. >> police say each group had three to four people. police would not elaborate on exactly what they found. >> why is it closed? >> we had an emergency situation. >> reporter: the station was shut down for nearly seven hours as detectives conducted their investigation. police say they are still in the process of reviewing surveillance tape and conducting interviews with witnesses. they say if you have any information about the shooting, they do want to hear from you. call bart police. >> thank you, kimberly. crime scene tape went up in san francisco's japan town after a shooting in which a 26-year-old man was killed. police say the victim was driving in the area of fillmore street and geary boulevard around 5:30 this evening when someone fired at him several times. the suspect got into a car and took off.
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the vick time ditim died of his at the hospital. >> a family is homeless in san jose after a fast-moving fire destroyed their mobile home. it took firefighters almost an hour to control the blaze at the mobile home park. the blaze started about 3:30 this afternoon. the two adults and four children escaped without injury but they say their family dog is missing and they fear that he is dead. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> michael crabtree is in atlanta right now preparing for tomorrow's big game against the falcons and we know he's great on the field but going into the nfc championship matchup, he has a major distraction, an accusation of sexual assault. police interviewed the 25-year-old earlier this week before he headed to atlanta. comcast sportsnet's reporter can
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tell us more. >> reporter: michael crabtree is under investigation for sexual assault. here's the latest. yesterday crabtree voluntarily met with san francisco police before he boarded a mid-afternoon flight to atlanta. police say the sexual allegation involves crabtree inside a san francisco hotel early sunday morning, the day after the 49ers beat the green bay packers. crabtree was not detained or arrested. he's willing to meet with police if they have additional questions. and this is the statement that his attorney released earlier today. on friday january 18, 2013 michael crabtree met with police and provided a statement. mike emfully kwchael fully coop investigators. out of respect and integrity for the process, we have no further comment at this time. it will be a major topic
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throughout the week and i'm sure reporters will talk to him after the game regarding the game and these allegations. crabtree is expected to play against the falcons tomorrow. later in sports we'll preview the nfc championship game. our reporter mindy boch was on the field in atlanta. >> legal analyst steven clark says the allegations against michael crabtree can carry serious penalties and he doesn't believe the district attorney will rush the case. >> they're going to want to look at all of the information available. was there any witnesses that saw any event that night or saw michael crabtree with this woman that night. is there any evidence of excessive drinking. and also obviously is there forensic evidence? and they will look at that depending on the nature of this allegation. >> now, clark says he's not surprised that crabtree was allowed to play this weekend and travel to atlanta. he says crabtree is not a flight risk and law enforcement would not want to rush to judgment in
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the case, in case the allegations are false. >> now to the nation's capital. tomorrow at the white house president obama will be sworn in for a second term. the public inaugural ceremony will happen on monday. president obama declared today a national day of service in keeping with the spirit of monday's martin luther king holiday. the president and first lady did some volunteer work and this evening mrs. obama helped host an inaugural celebration for young people and military families. nbc's brian moore has the story from washington. >> reporter: in the nation's capital an inaugural ball for military kids and their families. >> welcome, welcome, welcome! >> reporter: who better to usher in the star-studded concert than usher himself. >> an incredible event just for you guys because the youth matter. >> caty perry lit up the stage, too. ♪ we can dance until we die. >> reporter: but not even she
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could eclipse the real star of the show, first lady michelle obama. >> this is what inauguration is all about. it about celebrating who we are as americans and all the things that make this country so great. >> reporter: it was a busy preinaugural day for the first lady and her husband, the president. they volunteered their time at a local school as part of this national day of service. they were honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, and the president called on americans to do the same by helping neighbors in need. around the country an estimated quarter million people did exactly that. blocks from the white house volunteer organizations offered dozens of ways for people to serve their communities, regardless of age. >> this is a good job to give back to those people who need our help. >> you definitely want to give back and have people pay it forward. >> taking satisfaction in giving
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back to others on this national day of service. and speaking of services, the president takes the official oath of office tomorrow at noon at the white house. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> hundreds of people in the bay area also spent this national day of service building homes. the volunteers rolled up their sleeves for habitat for humanity. the group helped to build kocons for 36 families. >> these volunteers are building the yard where the families will play. they're actually painting the doors to the homes the families will live in and working on the roofs, putting shingles on. it's a real experience, like none other in the bay area. >> construction will continue for the next few months. as in all habitat for humanity projects, the families selected to get the homes also contribute some elbow grease before they get to move in sometime in late
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april. >> still ahead, monitor waves bring some of the best surfers to the business but it's not all fun and games. >> and i'm we did have a high surf advisory in effect for today. that remains in effect for tomorrow. expect it could crest 25 to 35 feet. and air quality will suffer again tomorrow. we will break down your forecast after the break. >> and tourists get more than they bargained for. a close encounter of the 40-foot kind coming up.
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new details tonight on the fourth day of the hostage crisis
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in algeria. special forces stormed the bp plant today leaving at least 23 hostages dead and killing all 32 militants. it was a bloody finale. the u.s. can on confirm the death of one american engineer from texas and one british worker at this point. president obama said tonight the u.s. stands ready for whatever assistance algeria needs in the aftermath of the attack. defense secretary leon panetta called the loss of life apauling and vowed to bring the terrorists to justice. >> nobody is going to attack the united states of america and get away with it. and for that reason we have made a commitment that we're going to go after al qaeda, wherever they are and wherever they try to hide. >> the attack is believed to be linked to al qaeda. they left behind a huge arsenal of weapons that have been put on display by local officials. hostages that survived the ordeal are now returning to their home countries. >> a few inches of snow was
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enough to throw london's heathrow airport into chaos this weekend with more than 100 flight cancelled today, 400 cancelled yesterday. stranded passengers slept on the floor. the backup happened when the airport took six hours to clear two inches of snow from runways on friday. they still haven't caught up yet and more bad weather is in the forecast for tomorrow. >> those controversial body scanners that show naked images of travelers will be removed from our local airports. the tsa will remove eight canners from san jose international and the five at oakland international. they don't use them. the transportation security administration said it's getting rid of the machines because the company could not come up with ways to fix concern over privacy. travelers will still be asked to get a body scan but one that creates a generic image. >> dangerous sur of and strong rip currents caused trouble for
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surfers at more than one bay area beach. organizers are predicting monster waves for tomorrow's contest. this is one of those times where we say leave it to the professionals, monte. >> reporter: chris, that's right. the sign here behind me warns of rip currents. that's exactly what caused some trouble for surfers here at ocean beach today and also at dylan beach in marin. all of the surfers are okay tonight. a coast guard helicopter hovered near seal rock this afternoon and a rescue diver was just about to deploy when a a surfer caught by a rip current was finally able to paddle himself to shore. he was one of six surfers caught by the rip currents at ocean beach today. a nation photographer snapped a few shots as some of the surfers made their way back to safety, all unhurt except for one, who
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suffered a minor shoulder injury. the swells that spell trouble for amateurs are precisely what the professionals have traveled from all over the world to experience. at half moon bay the tents are up and organizers say this year's mavericks international surf contest will produce monster waves, powerful and dangerous. >> the surfers are going to have challenging conditions out there. the waves are going to stand up really, really tall and throw out really quick. it's going to be a challenge for the guys. >> reporter: the founder of the maverick surf contest said spectators, too, need to be aware. the huge sets of waves can come suddenly and pack enormous amounts of energy, like in 2010 when a rogue wave came blasting ashore, injuring several spectators. >> during this as well, there's going to be long lulls, look 20-minute lulls, where there will be nothing and all of a sudden these sets are going to
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hit. >> reporter: since 2010 viewing has been pushed farther on shore and many enjoy watching the action on a big screen, a safe distance from the water. at dylan beach in marin today, two surfers were reported to be in distress. one was able to make it to shore by himself and the coast guard had to rescue the other one. the high surf is expected to continue tomorrow so the coast guard is warning all beach-goers to be cautious around the water this weekend. montee francis, nbc bay area news. >> three of the top competitors in tomorrow's contest announced they are withdrawing from the competition. among them 11 time pro tour champion kelly slater. also shane dorian and carlos withdrew citing shoulder injuries. the first heat of the maverick invitational is set for tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning.
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>> a group of tourists in hawaii couldn't believe their luck when they got up close and very personal with two hump back whales earlier this month. the whales brushed up against the inflatable boat that they were in several times and crew members say it almost seemed like the female was using the boat to scratch her back. the whales were about twice as long as the boat. the tourists say the whales stayed for about ten minutes and then disappeared. i think i might have had a heart attack. >> you and me both. i'm sitting there like i would have been putting on my life jacket at that point. that is way too close but very fascinating nonetheless. >> we had a very warm day here across the bay area, chris. in fact, temperatures were well above average. look at some of our warmest spots, scotts valley at 73, santa cruz 73, half moon 71 but it has cooled off dramatically, 45 in san jose.
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our coldest spot the north bay, santa rosa at 37. this is where we're going to find our coldest locations tonight with a little frost possible tomorrow morning and a few 20s. we're clear for the most part and will stay clear. temperatures will be similar to where we were today, a few 60s and 70s and that poor air quality is going to continue to suffer because we have been dealing with warm weather, unusual for this time of year. the toyota tahoe ski report this evening, squaw favalley checkin in with 40 inches. and squaw meadow, 66 inches. if you are taking time to head up to the tahoe area, bundle up. even across the bay area tonight, temperatures are going to be cold everywhere you go. some of our coldest locations
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again there in the north bay, even in the east bay, 29 in concord, livermore as well. tomorrow another bright day but we're starting off cold. it's going to be one of those days where we peak with our temperatures around noon and 1:00. santa cruz, you'll be at 66 and half moon bay will top out very close to 70 degrees tomorrow. the mavericks festival, we have that high wave watch in effect. you can probably lose the coat and scarf and sweaters and all the heavy winter gear. we're expecting another bright, spring-like day tomorrow. a system kind of scoots to our north and another one will slide to our south. it doesn't look like we're looking at any major storm system over the next seven days. get out and enjoy if you can. it's going to be beautiful. >> we'll get out and burn some
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. welcome back. a busy day in sports. let's get straight to it as our own mindy was on the ground in atlanta where the 49ers are preparing for their second consecutive nfc championship game. >> reporter: the 49er practices and meetings are done. all that's left is to play the game. but experience from their first
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nfc championship under jim harbaugh has taught them to treat this game like any other. >> this is what we work for all season and off season. it's going to be the same as we always do, just in atlanta, not here. >> we'll be remembered by going to that super bowl and winning. but it's ours this sunday, winning this game to have the opportunity to go there. so really just winning. winning it all. >> reporter: the 49ers have an nfl best nine pro bowlers to help them accomplish that goal, as well as a dynamic quarterback who has on started seven regular season games. in the history of the nfl only three quarterbacks have started fewer games than colin kaepernick and reached a conference game. >> thank you, mindy. immediately following the game, don't forget to tune in to 49ers postgame live for wall-to-wall coverage on the niners' quest
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for a sixth super bowl ring. before we get out of here, how about some hoops. warriors and hornets from new orleans, steph scurry returned to the lineup. he was one of six warriors -- warriors ended their three-game losing streak. also stanford beat cal in hoops today. and that will be about it. chris, tomorrow expect a very exciting day. plenty of chips, guacamole, all that healthy stuff for you while you watch the game. >> mine's better, though. when we return, what happens when a falcons fan shows off his true colors in san francisco?
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an interesting assignment for a reporter from our nbc affiliate in atlanta, came here into hostile territory wearing falcons colors. let's see how that went for him. >> you think lombard street has a lot of quick cuts, wait till you see michael turner, everybody. rise up, rise up, everything rise up! >> go niners! >> what are you, picasso? get out of here! >> they play the atlanta falcons tomorrow for the nfc title. the winner goes to the super bowl. we want to thank you for joining us. an all new "saturday night live" is next. the host jennifer lawrence but more importantly, look how the city is lit up with red and gold pride. we'll be back with you tomorrow.
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i am piers morgan or as you know me, the british mario lopez. this week a series of shocking and confusing revelations, who lied about what, who is still hiding the truth, and who, what, who, what, joining me first is a man i consider to be the most
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despicable vile human being to set foot on planet earth and i am so happy to have him. lance armstrong. >> hello, there, piers. i am excited to be here tonight to apologize to all the viewers out there who couldn't find the own network on their television. >> lance, in your interview with oprah, you did admit to using drugs, but a lot of people said that you showed no re force whatsoever. >> who said that? who? they're liars. >> lance, lance. >> you know, i am sorry. totally sorry. that was my fault. i accept full responsibility. even though you did provoke me, you know. so the blame is probably 70/30 on you, you know. also, i think a lot of the reason i just yelled is because of the cancer i had which is not an excuse. you know, i mean, unless you think it is. the most important thing is i never, ever


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